Carbodies Fairway Driver
Driver's Handbook

* Getting to know your Vehicle
* Maintenance of your Vehicle
* Replacement Data

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01. Dashboard 02. Keys 03. Warnings & Controls 04. Fascia 05. Column Levers
06. Controls & Brakes 07. Starting the Engine 08. Automatic Box 09. Seat Belts 10. Doors & Windows
11. Interior 12. Ventilation 13. Bonnet 14. Wheelchair 15. Cooling
16. Wipers 17. Battery 18. Engine Oil 19. Gearbox Oil 20. Air Filter
21. Fuel Filter 22. Head Lamps 23. Tail Lamps 24. Interior Lamps (1) 25. Interior Lamps (2)
26. Interior Lamps (3) 27. Fuses 28. Relays 29. Drive Belts 30. Spare Wheel
31. Hydraulic Systems 32. Brakes 33. Valve Rocker 34. Replacement Bulbs 35. Service Lubricants

The vehicle specification may vary according to market requirements and from model to model. the manufacturers reserve the right to alter specifications with or without notice at any time. The policy of constant product improvement by the manufacturers may involve major or minor changes to the vehicle specification. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy of the particulars contained in this Handbook, no liabilities for inaccuracies or the consequences thereof can be accepted by the manufacturer or the dealer who supplied this Handbook. During running-in from new, certain adjustments vary from the specification figures detailed. They will be set to specification by your Dealer at the After-Sales Free Service and should thereafter be maintained.

Alternator: Manual70 AMP Hitachi Type LR170
Nissan Pt. No. 23100-02N18
Alternator: Automatic70 AMP Hitachi Type LR170
Nissan Pt. No. 23100-02N19
Starter MotorS13-107A
Battery12 V, 750 Amp, 110 AH
Turning circle (kerb to kerb)7.62m (25 ft)
Front wheel toe-in1.5-2.5 mm (1/16-3/32 ins)
Front hub bearing end-float0.025-0.152 mm
Engine(0.0001-0.006 ins)
Number of cylinders4Tyres
Bore96mm (3.781 ins)Size and type175/80/16 'C' 6PR Radial Ply
Stroke92mm (3.662 ins)Recommended pressuresFront 38 p.s.i. (2.6 bars)
Capacity2664ccRear 36 p.s.i. (2.5 bars)
Valve/rocker clearance0.35mm (0.14 ins) 
Compression ratio21.8:1Principal dimensions
Firing order1, 3, 4, 2Length overall 4.558 m (14ft 11 7/16 In)
Oil filterPart No 800018Width overall1.75 m (5ft 8 7/8 in)
Air filterPart No 800189Height overall1.765 m (5ft 9 1/2 in)
Diesel fuel systemsCapacities
Fuel filterPart No 800181Engine oil (including filter)6.25 litres (11 pints)
Fuel injection pump: ManualPart No 800238Engine oil filter0.7 litres (1.23 pints)
Fuel injection pump: AutoPart No 800239Fuel tank54.5 litres (12 gallons)
Fuel injectorsPart No 800203 
GlowplugsPart No 800415Coolant
 Dry System 
GearboxAfter draining from radiator & engine10 litres (17.6 pints)
Manual transmission2 litres (3.52 pints)After draining from radiator only3.6 litres (6.3 pints)
Automatic transmission7 litres (12.32 pints)AntifreezeL.T.I. Long life coolant