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My cab will not start!

NOTE : In 5 years and 4 cabs, all that is described on this page happened to me. I had to call a tow truck twice for the very same failure: my starter motor's excitation lug gone loose!

1. The engine is mute, the starter motor is not turning over

The most common cause of failure is the battery which has discharged during the night.

The battery, also called "starter battery" on a diesel vehicle is strongly requested at startup, by both the starter and the glow plugs.
It is important that it be recent (maximum 4 years), regularly maintained and with sufficient power between 95 and 110 Amp.

Also check the connections to the battery.
If you have installed a battery cut off switch, check for traces of corrosion between the green wheel and the body of the battery cutter: even if the current is sufficient to switch on the headlights, it is insufficient to turn the starter over and feed the glow plugs. Scrape the metal surfaces in contact and screw the wheel tight.

A discharged battery can also be a sign of an alternator that no longer charges!

What should be checked apart from the battery?
- Ensure the transmission lever is set to 'P' or 'N'. If necessary nudge it slightly forward to make contact.
- If the battery is sufficiently charged, the lever is in "P" and the starter motor does not turn, also check the immobilizer relay (in the engine bay).
- As a last resort, check the terminals of the starter motor!

2. The starter motor turns over but will not start the cab

A cab in good condition should start on the 1st turn of the key, without having to press the accelerator.
If the starter motor is running and the engine does not start after several attempts, check the following:
- The anti-theft jack is in place, if necessary unplug it and reconnect. (For cabs that are provided with one.)
- The fuel cut-off switch: a red light indicates that the fuel cut-off has been triggered. Press the button again to turn it off. The inner switch is wired back and forth with the switch located outside.
- Make sure the cut-off fuse makes contact or is not burnt (10 Amp fuse in position B9.)
- If you suspect the fuel is not flowing, prime the pump on top of the diesel filter until it becomes hard. Make sure there are no leaks on the fuel lines: if necessary, change the main hose that may have become porous and tighten the clips of the small hose on the return line to the tank.

If the engine turns over, clouds of smoke below from the exhaust but the engine will not start, it is often a sign that the glow plugs are worn.

3. The starter motor turns over the engine starts but is soon choking

This is a sign of poor fuel flow to the engine.
You might be on the bottom of the fuel tank or the fuel filter is clogged.
Refill the tank with fresh diesel, change the fuel filter, prime it and if necessary try to restart on a backup jerrican with an additive to unclog the injectors.

4. The engine is running but releases loads of white smoke, the vehicle is sluggish on the road

This may be the sign of a blockage of the fuel line: either the line from the tank, or the priming pump above the fuel filter is blocked, the engine then draws in water from the separator at the bottom of the filter instead of fuel, provoking these large clouds of smoke!
Disconnect the fuel filter and the pump, blow with a pump into the fuel line to remove the dirt, then reverse the direction of the pump to prime the fuel line, and if the priming pump above the fuel filter is blocked, renew it, then tighten the fuel lines back to the filter + pump assembly.